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This menu is dedicated to "gourmands" who want to taste and indulge in good food cooked as we say in Italian “come Dio comanda”(as God commands), so I will serve the same menu for everyone, no changes, sorry.

If you are a fun of Piemonte and a real cooking connoisseur I hope to see you at my dinner to let you taste some good Piedmontese food prepared in the most traditional way.


Even though my origins are from Puglia, I am a Piedmontese Chef.

For this early autumn menu I therefore chose to cook traditional Piedmontese recipes. Also because in my opinion the best season to visit Piedmont is autumn. Not only for the truffles and the good wines and all the other Piedmontese delicacies but above all for the colors. Turin, my city surrounded by the white peaks of the Alps and all its trees that are colored like large flowers, acquires a special charm especially if the sky is leaden.

Piedmont is the home of appetizers and there are hundreds to choose from but the most iconic appetizer is certainly the Bagna cauda which is a sauce of garlic, butter and anchovies (which we salt fresh at home). I propose a Monferrato version to which a nice glass of barbera is added while it cooks. I will serve my Bagna cauda with Jerusalem artichokes, roasted peppers and onions cooked in Barbera wine

      “Monferrato” starters

Vegetables in Bagna Cauda alla Monferrina


As a starter, I couldn't help but let you try the Agnolotti del Plin (of the pinch) which are called that because they are pinched to seal them. They are filled with organic beef braised with wine and spices and are served with a very reduced roast sauce. They are a typical dish of the Langhe and are among the oldest ravioli known from centuries.

First course“Le Langhe”

Agnolotti del plin with roast sauce


As a second course I propose another ancient Albese recipe. It is a guinea fowl supreme stuffed with sausage, black truffle and chestnuts and then roasted very slowly so as not to let it dry out too much and served lukewarm. It is accompanied by its cooking sauce. For this dinner I will serve it with little cups of Polenta "Margottini”filled with Toma d.o.p. which is a typical Piedmontese cheese.

Main course to “Alba”


Guinea Fowl Galantina stuffed with Sausage, Truffle and Chestnuts with Polenta Margottini and Toma


You know well that we specialize in Piedmontese desserts and you can also buy many different ones on my site. But for this dinner I want to end on a high note with the sweet symbol of my beloved city Turin. So I will make the bunet for you. A tasty pudding with cocoa, caramel and almond amaretti biscuits. I would like you to taste it in its oldest version so I have already bought some bitter almonds and I will make the Amaretti cookies myself.

Sweet time “Turin”


Bunet Torinese with homemade amaretti biscuits



The price for this complete luxury menu is only 65,- per person excl. drinks.

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