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   "LA CENA"

Since our opening in 2006 we have received many awards
for the quality and originality of our cuisine.
  We serve pure Italian cuisine with natural presentations,
our dishes are not common but undoubtedly traditional,
result of a long research.

Everything is home-made and hand-made prepared 
 at the moment also fresh pasta that
the chef always makes by hands
before your eyes from his open kitchen.
  We change our menu every time following the natural rhythm of seasons and ingredients we find on the market.
We have always choice for vegetarian, meat or fish dishes.
On request vegan or gluten-free dishes are available.
Please always notice us in advance if you have a food allergy.



We serve uniquely premium quality Italian wines



*it is not possible to share one menu for two or more people*


3 Courses “con Pasta” menu (Minimum for 2 people)
 Mix of the antipasti of the day +
   Pasta of the day of your choice  +
      Dessert surprise.
                Price per person       35,-

3 Courses “con Secondo” menu (Minimum for 2 people)
 Mix of the antipasti of the day +  
   Meat or Fish of your choice  +
      Dessert  surprise .                                
               Price per person       39,-                                                                         

4 Courses “ di Lusso “ menu (Minimum for 2 people)
Mix of  the antipasti of the day +
  Pasta of the day of your choice  +
   Meat or Fish of your choice  +
       Grand Dessert .
               Price per person         55,-                                                                         






     Pane Carasao “Guttiau” al forno con Rosmarino e Olive Taggiasche
Crispy Carasao Bread from Sardinia with Black Olives from Taggia        

    Tagliere di Formaggi e Salumi Italiani
Plateau of Italian Cheese and Cold-cuts                                             
                                                     17, 50


Crostone di  Pane di Altamura con Gorgonzola dolce funghi di bosco uovo fritto e Salsa al Tartufo fatta in casa 

Crouton of Altamura bread with creamy Gorgonzola, Mixed wild mushrooms, Mushrooms  fried egg and Black Truffle sauce home made


Vitello Tonnato Tartufato  
Veal with Tonnata Sauce additioned with Black Truffle sauce Piedmontese style


   Moleche col Pien alla Veneziana con Bagnet Ross Piemontese

Soft shell crab fried Venetian style with Ross Sauce






      Risotto Mari e Monti con frutti di mare Gamberi Bianchi  e Porcini


Risotto " Sea and Mountain"  with seafruits wild Gamba's and Porcini Mushrooms



         Pappardelle fatte al momento
                 con ragu di Cinghiale e Olive Taggiasche alla Lucchese

 Pappardelle Express
               with Ragout of  Wild Boar and Taggia Olives   Tuscan recipe from Lucca    


           Ravioli di  Zucca e Ricotta di Pecora con crema di Taleggio e Salsa al Tartufo

Ravioli stuffed with  and Pumpkin and Sheep' s Ricotta   with cream of Taleggio cheese and Black Truffle Sauce                    


                     Secondo di Carne del giorno---- Meat Main course

         Fracosta di Manzo Irlandese  grigliata  servite su rocce Laviche ardenti

Tender Irish Beef Rib-eye Quattro Gatti Style
       roasted and served on glowing Lava stones on a bed of burning herbs                                                                                     


Pesce del Giorno ----- Fresh fish of the day

   Orata /    Seabream  (Daurade Royale)  







Crodino                       € 3,40


Americano                € 8,90

Negroni                      € 8.90

Spritz                          € 8,90  




Italian Beer     Moretti                                                                                                                  € 3,90        





Pellegrino (Frizzante)         750ml   € 4,50 

Acqua Panna (Naturale)                                                                                                                      





Fresh Orange juice                  € 4,-     








 Italian Liqueurs                € 6,90

Grappa                                  € 8,90









Prosecco, Martini, Terre di Chieti , Prosecco D.O.C. 2019                                                 

 Appearance: Clear, very pale golden with low-medium carbonation.

Aroma: Pear fruit, quince and elderflower.

Taste: Dry with apple and pear with faint honeyed sweetness and overripe peach.

Aftertaste: Honeycomb notes with hints of apple and peach.

                                                                Bottle. € 42,-


Gewurtztraminer, Casata Monfort,
Trentino Alto Adige D.O.C.  2017                                                                                                Traminer (also known as Gewürztraminer) is one of the greatest aromatic varietals which requires hilly terrain and full sunlight in order to grow. It’s almost certainly from South Tyrol.  Casata Monfort was among the pioneers who brought this varietal into the Trentino region.  This wine is a great accompaniment to strong cheeses, strong flavored foods, smoked food , and spiced food like Sicilian cuisine.                                                                     € 39,-




Pinot Grigio, Casata Monfort,
Trentino  D.O.C. 2017                                                                                                               In the world of wine Trentino means Doc or the recognition of quality. One high quality Trentino Doc white wine is Pinot Grigio which comes from the French Pinot Gris grape imported into Trentino at the beginning of the 20th century from Germany. Aromas of  flowers, citrus and hints of apricots and almond,  palate

lean and refreshing .                                                                € 37,-



Soave Classico, Inama,
Veneto, D.O.C. 2018                                                                                                                                  

 The Inama ‘Vin Soave’ Soave Classico sees only stainless steel, no oak, but it undergoes malolactic fermentation, which contributes creaminess to the palate. While it is a straightforward wine, with ripe apple fruit and a touch of rockiness, it doesn’t come off as simple or forgettable. Moderate weight is balanced with fresh acidity, creating a wine that is exceptionally easy-drinking. While it will make a wonderful summer wine, it has the impact and value to earn itself a place in the wine rack all year round.                           € 48,-




                        VINO  BIANCO  DELLA CASA


Verdicchio di Matelica, Belisario, Terre di Chieti , Abruzzo D.O.C. 2019                                                 

 From the vinification in purity of the homonymous vine.

A great presence of acidity for a wine that can be matched to all seafood dishes, pasta, white meat and appetizers. Vinified by our sister company in the Abruzzo region, in the viticultural heart of Verdicchio vine, according to our protocols, it is aged and bottled at Belisario winery.
                                                                Glass € 5.70/ Bottle. € 35,-


Bricco S.Michele, Claudio Mariotto, Colli Tortonesi, Piemonte, Timorasso D.O.C. 2018                                                 

 A quintessential northern Italian dry white produced in an easy-drinking, fresh style. Fresh, primary fruit aromas of green apples, grapefruit and ripe citrus fruit on the nose with lightly honeyed, lemony notes on the palate. The finish is fresh and crisp with citrus flavours, a hint of almond and mineral touches.
                                                                Glass € 5.70/ Bottle. € 35,-




                          VINO  ROSE’         

       Salice Salentino Negroamaro rosato, Leone de Castris,
      Puglia D.O.C. 2019                                                 

 Rosé wine of a cherry-red colour. The nose is rich of floral and fruity hints as cherry. In the mouth it is fresh, full and persistent. Suggested with “risotto” and shellfish.


after a brief maceration, the must is extracted from the grapes. After decanting, it ferments at low temperatures in steel tanks. Refinement in steel tanks for at least 3 months and 1 into the bottle

MATURATION: at least 2 months in steel tanks

BOTTLE AGEING: at least 1 month

ALCOHOL: 12,5%

BOTTLE SIZE: 375/750 ml.

                                                                Glass € 5.70/ Bottle. € 34,-






Amarone della Valpolicella, Terre di Zeno ,
Veneto , Corteforte D.O.C. 2012                    
Amarone “Terre di San Zeno” is a blend of Valpolicella traditional grapes, which are picked only after a careful selection of the ripest clusters on the vines and placed to undergo the appassimento process, inducing air to dry out the grapes. This process lasts up to 4 months. The crushing takes place only at the beginning of the year following the harvest, with a very long fermentation, 25 – 30 days, due both to the temperature of the season (February – March) and to the naturally high alcohol level of the must.

After a long maturation in stainless steel tanks, then in oak barrels and in bottle, Amarone is ready to be tasted.                             € 85,-





Montepulciano d’Abruzzo , Praesidium,

 Abruzzo D.O.C. 2015                                                                          A long-lived and complex red wine, originates from the maceration with the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape skins and the long ageing period. Beginning with the vintage 1990, a wide selection of Riserva wines is available. The Riserva pairs very well with lamb, goat, pecorino cheese, game and with all the plates of the culinary tradition of the inland of Abruzzo.

100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Produced on the western hills of Peligna Valley, Abruzzo. 1.247feet (about 400 meters) above sea level on clayish soil, very rich with white calcareous stones. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel barrels and maceration for about 12 days

Approximately 24 months in Slavonia and French oak barrels. Refining in the bottle about 6 months.

The wine is not filtered or pasteurized, it only undergoes natural decantation. Sulphites are added in considerably lower amounts than the maximum allowed for organic certification.                           €57,-













Nebbiolo, Josetta Saffiro,  Piemonte D.O.C. 2018                                                                                                                    


Nebbiolo 100%


Monforte d’Alba – Castelletto subzone. Type Elveziano Land (emerged seabed, formed in the late Miocene, 10-12 million years ago) of medium texture (silt, clay and sand in balanced percentages), rich in minerals and limestone.

Low Guyot system on hills with good inclines (40-50%) with south-est exposure.

Gentile destemming and soft pressing of hand harvested grapes, fermentation in stainless steel temperature controlled tanks at 30/32 degrees C (86/88 F). Maceration for 10 days before the wine is separated from the skins.

After finishing the malolactic fermentation (in December), Nebbiolo goes into oak barrels of 30 hl for about 12 months. In the second winter after the harvest, it is bottled.

Culinary combinations: good structure, this wine is well matched with both red and white meat dishes and pasta dishes with tasty sauces. And ‘ideal companion for medium-aged cheeses.


                                                                                              € 48,-


Cannonau di Sardegna, Nepente di Oliena,
Cantina Oliena D.O.C. 2017                                                                                 It has a bright red colour with purple tinges that change to garnet with maturation. It is intense and captivating at the nose. Fruity notes of cherry and small red fruits combine with the floral scents of rose and violet. Vanilla and spicy nuances can be detected towards the end. In the mouth, it is full and structured. The alcohol content is well supported by the pleasant acid vein and soft tannin.With a young and arrogant soul. It is suited for many combinations, from pizza to roasts, from game sauces to semi-matured or sheep/cow cheeses.

                                                                                          € 42,-





Chianti Classico Ormanni , Tuscany D.O.C.G. 2015                                               Balance The trademark always found on bottles of Chianti Classico is the Black rooster, historic symbol of the Chianti Military League and among other things depicted by famous artist Giorgio Vasari.The rules for the production of Chianti Classico wine provide for a minimum ratio of 80% for Sangiovese, the typical red variety of the zone. Along with the Sangiovese, other red grapes of the area can be used in a maximum percentage of 20%. These grapes include natives like Canaiolo and Colorino. Excellent with grilled meats, game and wildfowl, roasts, braised meats and aged cheeses.
                                                                                                  € 38,-




                          VINO  ROSSO  DELLA CASA


Barbera,  Mon Ross, Piemonte D.O.C.G. 2017                                                                    
Clear, intense ruby-red colour, intense and complex wine,  hill red fruits, that is to say cherry in alcohol, marasca, blackberry and plum jam, are detectable and nicely balanced with spicy aromas. A light scent of vanilla, together with sweet spices, leaves a pleasant memory. Nicely balanced palate, this wine is supported by good acidity and fine tannin thickness. Warm and soft, it is a well balanced and good structured wine. Young, lively and personal wine, we suggest tasting it after a few years. Nice matching with roasts, shinbone, elaborate meat dishes          GL. € 5.90/ BTL. € 37,-



Nieddera, Montiprama,
 Sardinia, Valle del Tirso I.GT.  2019   (100% Pigato grapes)                                                                               
Intense ruby red; it shows fruity and spicy notes on the nose. The wine is dry and smooth on the palate. Sweet tannins typical of Nieddera give the wine a good structure and an important persistence. Food matching: Cold cuts and cheese platters, even seasoned cheeses and red meats..
                                                                GL. € 5.90/ BTL. € 37,-