New Quattro Gatti Concept 2017

Quattro Gatti New concept


2017 it's a year of experimentation for Quattro Gatti, we have many ideas and projects here few of them:


1 Quattro Gatti have stop from December 2016 to serve casual dinners every night like other restaurants.

Now we are open for groups from 12 to 22 people. And we will organize theme night’s few times per month sometimes involving art and music and serving Italian haute cuisine.


2 We will not serve anymore usual dinners every night, instead we will open every day from Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 for the best real Italian Lunch "Pranzo" in Amsterdam with Pasta, home made focaccia, snacks, specials and new dishes every day but also homemade pastries and savories, cappuccino and espresso made with a Espresso machine from '1958 or for desserts and tea in the afternoon.



3 Every Friday afternoon from 17:00 we will serve a real “AperiCena” an Italian Happy Hour where you will pay only 15,- for the first drink and eat all the many different snack and hapjes you want just like a good Bar in Italy.


4 (STARTING FROM MAY 2017) Every Sunday we will serve “Domenica in Famiglia” a traditional Italian Sunday Brunch, with a different menu every weekend , The best Italian home-food traditional specialties we love to eat in Italy on Sundays.


More and more ideas and projects are to come like workshops (that everybody always ask me about), wine tastings, open days etc.

So please stay tuned and try to come to dine to Quattro Gatti as you know it before the 25th of December we will serve the best seller success dishes we served in the first 10 years of Quattro Gatti.


Our History and our Future

The beginning of Quattro Gatti

(why Quattro Gatti is changing)


Not Everybody knows how we started Quattro Gatti Restaurant, in 2006 a huge adventure began in a little corner of the heart of Amsterdam since then it has been a long ride full of difficulties and satisfactions. Now we are ready for a new chapter.


The 1st of May 2006 my best Friend Niko Lombardi and me went to sign the contract for the acquisition of the old Restaurant Pizzeria “da Gigi” we already knew the place but at that time we had the chance to really see the incredible amount of work that was expecting us.

Gigi had seen better times, for sure during the 80’s and 90’s was one of the most popular Pizzeria in Amsterdam with live music, a thick smoke curtain and a lot of people having party every night. But in 2006 all this was just a memory stuck up to the place like the old pictures and posters were sticking on the greasy walls of the pizzeria.

The restaurant was old and dirty in every corner and we had to open as fast as possible.

We already used almost all our money to buy the business and we had only 7000 euro left to make a little renovation of the place and buy the first ingredients.

We did it with just 2 little bikes a lot of motivation and 2 months of very hard work only eating pasta and drinking coffee we did it all from ceiling to basement the best we could. The 21st of July we were ready going to buy ingredients we had only 700 euro left, if we would not have work well we could also have closed the restaurant after the first week.

The 22nd of July 2006, Niko's birthday and me just turning 30 in 10 days, started our adventure.

Everybody knows that we called it Quattro Gatti because the place is small and in Italian we say that it can contain only “Four Cats” but what convinced us were two cats that we found in the restaurant and we liked very much so we said -2 cats them and the 2 of us , Quattro Gatti ! –.


A long ride in the blink of an eye


What an adventure has been since the opening (with the help of our neighbor Marieke from the ex-shop “Lady Day”) had a lot of success since the second week we were already fully booked and this went on until March 2007 when Mr. Johannes Van Dam came to eat at our place.

Of course we didn’t recognize him because we didn’t know how famous he was.

He came one evening and had dinner with his partner, our neighbor was eating there and tried to warn us but we didn’t get it. Anyway at the end of his dinner he stand up and said who he was and we were going to have a lot of success.

We didn’t sleep all night . at 8:00 a.m. Niko was ready with the mis en place and I was stuffing the dessert fridge with Swans of pate a choux stuffed with Chantilly cream when he returned.

Yes Mr. Van Dam did also not sleep much and came back to check if he had the right impression the night before. He had a espresso, a little dessert and few words with us.

He asked us if our expectation was to get a Michelin star and honestly we answered that we wouldn’t care less for a Michelin star and we just wanted to go on with our restaurant. This time before to leave he told us that our phone would have ringed forever.

We thought Johannes VanDam was exaggerating, but he wasn’t.

One week later the article was published, we knew we were good but we didn’t expect much, 10- was the score and the article was only compliments! We almost fainted and bought 20 copies.

Since that moment we had success , seemed like everybody in Amsterdam wanted to eat at Quattro Gatti, the phone ringed and ringed.

We worked very hard and after less that a year my friend Niko decided he was ready to do else and open his own company.

I continued it, it was my dream. I asked my partner Christiane Koernig to work with me and she did it diligently for 6 years. With her who is a professional Sommelier we improved the restaurant in every aspect . Until 2013 we had beautiful years always passionate for our art we received many prices from newspapers and other critics even a price of -Buona Cucina- from the “ Accademia Italiana della Cucina” that was not assigned in Nederland since fourteen years. Quattro Gatti would never have been what is now without Christiane.

But of course things can’t last forever so when she moved on in 2013 I took a little time off and made again renovation with my friend Niiko who at that time had a renovation company.

This time I had money and time to make it nice like I wanted it.

For 3 years I tried to improve it even more and I did with the help of motivated people like Claudia Marchionne. We had also the luck to be chosen as set for the movie “Hartenstraat” in 2013 and we continued to receive very good feedbacks and prices. We were also asked to appear on the edition of the “Cucchiaio d’Argento “ for the Dutch translation “De Zilveren Lepel” with some recipes. During this years I also had time to continue my passion for painting and had the chance to see the restaurant blossoming .

10 long years passed in the blink of an eye between joy, tears, passion, frustration, love, worries and satisfactions the most beautiful time a person who starts a restaurant can have.


The Future


I never quitted and never stop to improve and try to make it better every day, all of you knows how much passion I have for my work.

Now after 10 years have gained complete trust of my customers, some of them became good friends whom always give me precious suggestions and ideas and encourage me, I finally got to the point of seeing Quattro Gatti like I always wanted it, complete.

But you know I always need to move on so, now how to make it better and different from all the other new restaurants opening everyday in a city like Amsterdam? I got to think that no improvement within my possibilities can be done if I do not make some changes.

So I would like 2017 to be a year of experimentation, I have many ideas and I will need also your help and your opinion constantly so please do not let me down.

Quattro Gatti will stop serving dinner every night and we will focus on new projects .

In my vision I see Quattro Gatti has a place full of potentials little enough to be a place where to start new exiting things never made before but big enough to have a public of connoisseurs.

Starting from the 18th of January 2017 We will change opening times, we will be open in the morning through the afternoon, serve different things, workshops and Special theme dinners and more but we will serve groups in the evening on request.

So if you want to try Quattro Gatti like you always knew it make sure to come to visit us before the 25th of December, we will serve the best seller success dishes we served in the first 10 years of Quattro Gatti. After that we will take a little vacation to see our families for Xmas and in January we will start with our new projects.


(since 2006) Hartenstraat 3 ( negen straatjes ) 1016BZ

Amsterdam +31 (0)20 4214585

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